“The migrant is to be considered not merely as an instrument of production but as a subject endowed with human dignity.” - JP2
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The Philippines, A Home after Japan


What would you do if you and your whole family would become captives in other country? Here is a story of an Overseas Filipino Worker who was once jailed in Japan.

As one of the best factory workers in Laguna. Mark was sent for a three month training in Japan in February2000. After his training expired, instead of returning home to the Philippines, he opted to stay in Japan and worked without proper documents for four years.

On June 20, 2004 while riding on his bicycle, the Japanese police caught him. Having no legal identification or passport, he was brought to imprisonment at the Higashi Police Station in Nagoya City. Immediately, he communicated the case to his mother.

On July 4, 2004 Mark’s mother and a Pastorelle nun referred the case to CBCP-ECMI Paralegal desk through Sr. Teresita Montañano, D.C. She coordinated the case with the Chaplain in Kobe, who in turn endorsed the said case to Sr. Vicki, a Cannosian nun based in Nagoya City. In the course of following up case, Sr. Vicki informed the family that Mark will be needing the amount of twenty five thousand pesos to bail him out of prison.

During this time, ECMI has also learned from Mark’s mother that his wife who was taking care of their son and also lived in Japan, was afraid to the possibility the similar case might happen to them so they look for a place there, and transferred temporarily. However, few days after their transfer, while Mark’s wife was at work the Japanese policemen came to their new place, and brought the child to their custody. On August 15, 2004 after a week of negotiations and legal settlement, Mark’s wife and the son were repatriated.

As the saying when it rained it pours, another good news came in September 06, 2004. Sr. Vicki was able to find a sponsor for Mark’s bail and the case was settled. He was released, ECMI together with Mark’s family fetched him at the Ninoy International Airport.

After a month, ECMI was able to assist Mark to find an employment in Makati. After several months he transferred in one of the big corporations in Libis.

Now, a year has passed, Mark and his family’s nightmare in Japan was over. Though once in a while, the though of it still comes back, but they are working it out to live happily here in the Philippines – here in their real home.




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