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Cruz tells Malacañang, “Words not enough”

MANILA, July 16, 2007—Dagupan Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz said all the known major national problems have already been addressed by the national leadership—but only in words, without making them realities.

In his regular blog ( , the former CBCP President Cruz said “if glorious pronouncements and super visions from the national leadership were enough to stop the killings, corruption and injustice, this country would be one big heaven on earth.”

He took note of “glowing promises, admirable rhetoric and commendable propositions” that abundantly flow from the presidential palace though.

He said the present administration has impressive statistics and figures though “as usual, since 2001, the contrary is eventually found as the standing truth.”

Archbishop Cruz said the administration has many excuses, from oppositionists, leftists, activists to terrorists, nationalists and rallyists.

He added despite the economic fundamentals well in place, the country’s economy is fundamentally weak and though work is reportedly available, workers still leave the country.

In the face of many Filipino media people already killed, the administration, he said, continues to refuse to acknowledge the observation by the international community that the Philippines is the most dangerous country for media practitioners.

The archbishop quoted the often repeated statement from the country’s chief executive “the Philippines will be a first world country twenty years from now.” He cited the government pronouncement that people are “already well off but they do not know it.”

“When someone is much discredited and thus deeply distrusted, his or her words are simply discarded and ridiculed as well,” Archbishop Cruz said. (Melo Acuna)