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Cruz: “good intentions are not enough”

MANILA, July 18, 2007—Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz said there will always be good intentions from people in government and no one would oppose efforts to promote common good.

Interviewed over Catholic-run Veritas 846, Archbishop Cruz said no one would oppose moves for a more peaceful and terrorist-free society.

He however said “the government appears to be less worthy of public trust for good intentions will never be enough.”

He said positive action would be greater than all the intentions and words from the country’s leaders.

He further said the government appears to be the first terrorist as it sows fear among the people, the media and civil society.

He compared the country’s leadership to a dog running after its tail as “we go circles with the same and unsolved problems such as floods when the rains come, lack of basic services which the people deserve, ‘missing’ firemen whenever conflagrations occur.”

Archbishop Cruz said all the problems in 2001 appears to be the same today with no end in sight.

He said the coming State of the Nation Address on Monday would be listened to by people. However, Archbishop Cruz asked, “Who among those who would listen would believe in what President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would say?”

Quoting media reports prior to the midterm elections, Archbishop Cruz said “they said the country’s budget was alright but today they say it’s short.” (Melo Acuña)