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High Court Ruling On Security Act Needed Asap

KALOOKAN, 18, July 2007—Interviewed over Radyo Veritas Wednesday, Bishop Iñiguez said the Supreme Court should immediately rule on the petitions filed by 28 to 30 individuals and groups who are worried how the government would implement the Human Security Act of 2007 (Republic Act 9372) which took effect last Sunday, July 15.

“It would be in the best interests of the people to be clarified how the executive branch would implement the Human Security Act of 2007,” Iniguez said. He explained ordinary people and militants expressed doubts as calls ranging from review to repeal continued to prevail during the past few days.

Asked about the recently concluded Summit on Extra-judicial Killings led by the Supreme Court, Bishop Iniguez said the organizers should be appreciated for their concern.

He said he looks forward to amore speedy dispensation of justice in the future as issues about the justice system have been thoroughly discussed. (Melo Acuña)