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Bishop endorses film vs. corruption

MANILA, July 19, 2007—A local film that teaches young people the values of honesty and justice received a very favorable endorsement from a key Catholic Church leader.

“IDOL Pag-asa ng Bayan” contains a daring analysis of the disturbing culture of corruption that would somehow lead the young audience to reflect more on probable alternatives.

Episcopal Commission on Youth chairman of the Catholic Bishops’ conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and Masbate Bishop Joel Z. Baylon called on the country’s youth to take time and “watch the film.”

At the start, the film appears to be a simple, even entertaining and funny coming-of-age story about friendship, youth and high school life.

In the unfolding events however, the film reveals a serious story about honesty, honor and integrity.

“This is a powerful film as it hits us all at the core because the values and issues are realities and concerns that we face everyday,” said Baylon.

Even the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) also launched its promotional campaign among its member Catholic schools to watch the “very relevant” and “timely film.”

The film is jointly produced by the Jesuit Communications and Brave New Films’ 05.

In supporting roles are acting greats Jacklyn Jose and Michael de Mesa. But in the lead are recent discoveries Cedric Jose and Meila Romero

“Except for Micheal and Jacklyn, the other characters are unknown though their acting is superb, thanks to the inspired directing of Cesar Evangelista-Buendia,” said Fr Nick Cruz, Ateneo Film Professor and MTRCB member.

“I highly recommend this film not only for students but also for teachers and parents,” he said.

For his part, Nonoy Lauzon of the UP Film Institute said the film is “a gritty eye opener” for today’s youth.

The film will have three premiers: the first in the SM Mall of Asia on July 20, the second in SM Cebu on July 21 and the third in SM Davao on July 28.

Regular commercial screening, meanwhile, runs Wednesday, August 1 exclusively at all SM theaters nationwide.

IDOL Pag-asa ng Bayan was the final project in a workshop organized by The Garage, Jesuit Communications Creative Technologies. Majority of the movie’s cast and crew are neophyte filmmakers “making the film truly a film by students and for students.” (Roy Lagarde)