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OMB chair seeks Church’s help in fight vs. child porn

MANILA, 26 July 2007— Optical Media Board chair Edu Manzano asked the Catholic Church’s help in its fight against the spread of pornographic videos involving minors.

Manzano has met with Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) spokesman Msgr Pedro Quitorio Thursday to discuss the gravity of the problem the country’s growth areas, specifically Metro Manila.

The meeting stemmed from previous reports of the proliferation of hard-core sex videos and other perverted activities.

Porn films are having more outlets, especially in Metro Manila, which according to Manzano is already a manifestation of a growing nationwide problem.

Since the OMB does not cover the fight against pornography, Manzano underscored that it’s more of a personal crusade against pornographic materials containing children forced in deplorable sexual acts.

Both CBCP Media Director Msgr. Quitorio and OMB Chair Manzano agreed to work together and create an ad hoc committee to curb the prevailing threat to minors and adults alike through sex videos.

Quitorio said the fight against pornography has long been a crusade of the Church because it affects the youth’s core values.

“We support their fight against pornography and even anti-piracy campaign which is another issue,” he said.

He said that the CBCP media office will be drafting a proposal to formalize the joint effort and its advocacy strategies.

Manzano said the OMB is a witness not only to the rampant and but “mortifying” child pornographic materials easily accessible to the general public.

He said that in all their enforcement operations, they always seize optical media products containing child pornography.

“We are outraged because these materials depict children as young as three years old being sexually abused and recorded on film and later peddled into the streets,” he said.

Manzano said there are even materials where minors are forced bestial acts which is a glaring example of exploitation and abuse. “Yes, with animals,” Manzano said.

“Daily, we witness how children are degraded and treated as objects that can be used and abused by adults,” he concluded. (Roy Lagarde)