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“Masses at shopping mall ok, but….” Cardinal Rosales

MANILA, July 30, 2007 - Archbishop Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales said the Catholic church has begun to reach out to its faithful over the years that is why Holy Masses are now held in various shopping malls, provided however, they organizers ought to keep the sanctity of the rites and corresponding activities.

Speaking over Catholic-run Veritas 846 earlier Monday morning, Archbishop Rosales said during the pre-Vatican II days, Holy Mass was celebrated inside churches. “During the 1950s, church authorities allowed Eucharistic celebrations at various schools, to get children to participate,” Archbishop Rosales said.

Archbishop Rosales added Holy Masses were allowed at agoras and large shopping malls where most people converge on Sundays. “People from the provinces usually drop by shopping malls and they are given the opportunity to attend to their Sunday obligations,” he further said.

He said while the Church has allowed Eucharistic celebrations at shopping malls, it should be held at the malls’ chapels or at decent places, even “in a quiet corner” where people can actively participate.

He further said Holy Masses are allowed at various shopping malls provided permission is given by the parish priest who exercises jurisdiction in the area.

In a related development, Archbishop Rosales said Holy Masses produced for television are for people who are incapacitated, “the sick and the disabled.” He discouraged able-bodied persons from just watching the Holy Mass aired on Sundays at different television stations.

He further said Holy Masses should be aired live on a specific day, as he explained Sunday Masses should not be recorded on any other day utilizing the Sunday liturgy.

Speaking in Pilipino, Archbishop Rosales said “Hindi maaari iyon at kung ang Misa’y isinagawa sa araw ng Viernes, dapat ang mga Pagbasa’y para sa araw din ng Viernes.” People who attend recorded Masses should still attend Sunday Masses, the Archbishop of Manils concluded. (Melo Acuna)